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It’s been a year since I purchased my Hydraulic hammer from you and there is no doubt that it performs as you said it would .The hammer;s integrity has been just about flawless and other a bit of time out to make a few minor design adjustments no down time has occurred. I Believe the hammer will have good longevity with the minimal maintenance. There is no question that the hammer is a tough piece of equipment. When deciding to go with either an air or hydraulic activated hammer, the final choice of hydraulic was the right choice. The hydraulic system requires less eminence and is less costly to install than air. Also I m not faced with the costly replacement of an air compressor down the road. The hammer’s ability to rapidly drive pipe into the ground saw increased revenues that off the load in less time than expected. We are free sailing now. Might i suggest you replace the brand name decal on the side of the hammer with this slogan “Freedom 55”

Jim Clark
Clark Drilling Services Ltd.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your company’s expertise and professional approach in developing the cable tool-casing hammer package. I have now been operating my hammer package for over two months and have increased my production by at least two times that of my best days when drilling and driving pipe conventionally. the entire package is very easy to use and makes drilling much easier. Each piece of equipment that your crew installed has been well build, crafted in a fashion that is in keeping with the manufacturing methods and style of Bacyrus Brie, It all looks as if it belongs on the rig. sing the equipment and hammer is also impressive. The elevated platform really helps when ?????? and allows for driving 20′ foot lengths of Steele casing., The swing arms allows for moving the tools out off the way for accessing the well when boiling or adding pipe. The water injection pump has delineated the “5 gallon bucket thing” along with the common “water down your neck on a cold morning while standing on a step ladder” too. No more lugging heavy drive clamps and tightening them up to drive pipe. I spend less time cutting and welding pipe, and more time drilling and driving. I have made the same very minor adjustments to the chains in the e hammer and have opened the unit once for lubricating the chains and the sprockets, and the hammers has been working perfectly. I have been impressed with the hitting power of the hammer too. I have actually floored out 8″ – 1/4″ wall steel casing an inch or so below the anvil when driving during extended period of time through granite boulders. I think the only improvements you could possibly incorporate into this system would be finding a way to make the drilling rig setup and drill wells by itself. It is enjoyable to operate our 22W and it is now actually becoming quite profitable. The added equipment makes the unit look quite impressive, and has added a new dimension to the type of well drilling we normally peruse, boarding our market. Thank you very much for your efforts and for your generous hospitality during my stay in Courtney during the installation, and also for being available on the phone to answer a few questions after i got home drilling again. Thank you or helping enhance the productivity of our drilling operation with thesis new equipment. You and Kenneth have done a marvelous job. Please feel free to make copies of this letter for distribution, and to invite others to call me for any questions.

Brett McCarty
McCarty Drilling & Pump Inc.

I finally got to use the casing jack. I got 1770′ of 4 1/2″ casing loose and was able to pull it out with a pulling unit. Total depth was 1890′, bottom 110′ was cemented. The word has got around and now I have several jobs waiting. Having the only excellent casing jack for 150 miles around certainly helps. Thank you for a superior product that will add to the bottom line for years to come!

Bill Cheever
Cheever Well Service, Inc. Vancouver Island

We purchased an Atlas R-2000 Pure Strike Hammer for our rotary drill rig in June of 2000. We have been extremely pleased with its efficiency and reliability. The R-2000 has greatly increased our productivity from about 20 to 25%. We have eliminated the freezing-up problems we had with our air operated hammer. With no valves or cylinders, the Atlas Casing Hammer has no internal parts to freeze up. No more climbing up the mast to manually switch the valve because there is no valve. The R-2000 has the ideal total size, weight and output we need to drive our casing in all of our conditions and formations. We looked at all the other hammers, and found the Atlas to be the right Hammer for the job in many respects. The Atlas R-2000 is Hydraulic to Mechanical operated; now our air is available for drilling, instead of using it to power our casing hammer. WE can drill and drive simultaneously and conserve on our air. The Atlas R-2000 has a Stock Discharge Anvil which drives 6”, 8″ and 10″ casing without the use of any extra adapter. The discharge opening is threaded to allow us to use a quick release couple for our discharge hose, which is very convenient. As well, the discharge chamber has been designed with increased flow-through in mind, in that the area inside the chamber is noticeably larger than the other casing hammers. We have been very happy with the top and bottom seals in the Atlas Hammer… they really work the way that they should, with no blow-up of cuttings through the hammer, raining down on our heads. In addition, we do not have the oily fumes blowing in our face that the air hammers exhausting system emitted. All in all we have been completely satisfied with our Atlas R-2000 Pure Strike Hydraulic Casing Hammer, and we recommend to other driller’s that if they want a hard working, reliable casing hammer, be sure to deal with the Hammer Specialists at Atlas Manufacturing Ltd.

Maralee M Hoover
Northland Drilling

I have been using the cyclone about 20 jobs now and all is good with it. It size handles the high volume of 12 inches wells and flows of 300-400 gallons a minute no problem.

p.s. Since full rebuild on hammer, it’s been firing like new, works great, just finished 340ft 12 inch well through silts and clays.

Steve Robbins
Robbins Drilling

Our last client was extremely happy with how we handled our solids and liquids, thanks to the cyclone.  We ended up using the cyclone, when drilling dry we emptied into a soil bag,  when the cuttings turned wet and we used injection water we moved the cyclone over a tub and used a large trash pump to pump over our shaker and bag the solids.  They had never seen that done and nothing ever touched the ground. If it was not here and we did not have it partly set up I never could have done/quoted the job to start with.

Kelly Topilka
Elk Point Drilling Corp.