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Atlas Manufacturing was founded in 1989 by Vaughn Anderson President and Kenneth Anderson Co-owner of Anderson’s Well Drilling Ltd. It was based on a platform of providing innovation and modernization to the water well industry.

The Anderson’s themselves had been in the drilling business for 30 years and completed a broad range of commercial, domestic and residential wells including large production wells providing a municipal supply of water for various towns and cities on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. These include Port Hardy, Port McNeil, Alert Bay, Port Alice, on the North Island and Several on the South Island.

After so many years in the water drilling industry they felt there was a need to modernize drilling techniques. Some practices had been in use for the past 6000 years beginning in China. First outfitting their own drill rigs with equipment invented, designed and manufactured in house they soon found out it test out so well and doubled daily production that all company drill rigs were equipped. Word soon got out Anderson’s were up to and everybody had to have this equipment on their own drill rigs. It soon became apparent that the drilling family was going to have to decide between manufacturing or continued drilling. With orders lined up out the door, the decision was easy and Atlas Manufacturing was born.

Beginning with the first product a Cable Tool Hydraulic Casing Hammer, nick named the “Pure Strike”, the product line quickly grew to include products such as the “Yellow Jacket” Casing Jack, and the “Wizard” pipe loader. Many of these products now hold Canadian and US patents.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower… Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.“ – Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. CEO (1955-2011)

At Atlas we hold the Globe for Excellence. As a company founded by drillers, dating back to the late 50’s, we have evolved into a premier manufacturer of innovative drilling equipment. Don’t let our success mislead you. We still hold true to the values that have made us what we are today. Personal service, excellent products and a small employee group that really cares.

All products are custom built right here on sight, one at a time, ensuring only the finest craftsmanship. Whether you are a one man operator or a multinational company, every customer receives the same fair treatment and personal service. If you require anything for the water, oil and gas, or construction industry give us a call. If we don’t stock it, we can probably make it. Hydraulic casing hammers, casing jacks, power packs, and rig repairs or modifications. We are Atlas Manufacturing Ltd.